lunedì 11 agosto 2014

"People often tell me that all my leading characters are so-called marginals and outsiders, but I always felt that a figure like Kaspar Hauser was not an outsider. He is at the centre; he manages to retain his unblemished human dignity while everyone around him seems to be so hideously conditioned. These people, transformed as they are into domesticated pigs or members of bourgeois society, are the bizarre ones, not Kaspar. People often say I am a marginal and eccentric filmmaker. When you look at my films you see there is absolutely nothing eccentric about them. When you sit three feet away from me do you see anything eccentric, do you?
No, Werner, absolutely not.
I am dead centre. In comparison to me, all the rest are eccentric. Aguirre, Fini Straubinger, both Stroszek and Kaspar Hauser, they all fit into this pattern. So do Walter Steiner, Hias in Heart of Glass, Woyzeck, Fitzcarraldo, the aborigines of Where the Green Ants Dream and the people we found in the desert who appear in Fata Morgana. Even figures like Reinhold Messner, Jean-Bedei Bokassa, Nosferatu and even Kinski himself, or the 'minor' characters like Vladimir Kokol in Land of Silence and Darkness, who can connect with the world only by bouncing a ball off his head and clutching a radio to his chest, much like Kaspar Hauser, who plays with his wooden horse when he is imprisoned in his cellar. Whether they 
he hallucinating soldiers or the deaf and dumb or dwarfs they are not freaks. These people are not pathologically mad; it is society that is mad."

Herzog on Herzog edited by Paul Cronin